Public Lecture: „Ubisoft’s Collaboration in AAA Games”

A discussion about the way Ubisoft approaches collaboration on large projects, and how our best practices can be used in student projects, or in smaller teams. Ubisoft is known for large, open-world games with complex systems and living environments. These games take enormous teams, usually spread across multiple teams on different continents. Why does Ubisoft insist on working this way, in collaboration across multiple studio cultures? What are some of the issues that can arise from this type of collaboration? How do we try to solve them? This talk will attempt to answer these questions, and also look at ways to apply these lessons to other teams and projects.

Public Lecture: „Ubisoft’s Collaboration in AAA Games”
David Kennedy, Game Director Ubisoft

Thursday, 29.11.2018
FH Salzburg, Campus Urstein, Hörsaal 013

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